joining together of hands for God’s purpose

October is our Anniversary Month, the 28th officially marks celebrating 32 years!

This excerpt of honor is to my husband, my life and to the wonderful father, John is.

32 years seems to have gone by so quickly yet we’ve spent a lifetime together creating our family, marriage, church, business, our hopes and dreams. 

While we’ve had some not so good days through loves journey at the end of the day it’s been a blessing to still be standing side by side. Hand and hand with purpose. His light truly has and will continue to be faithful in guiding our steps.

I believe, God knew and selected you as the answer to my prayer, all those years ago, when I prayed for a husband as a young girl!!! 

As we’ve walked united in life’s unknown tests and travels. I’m grateful for the rich deposits that the Holy Spirit’s wisdom provides along the way.  We have grown in the knowledge of God and His sure promises. As well as, our love one for another. We are joined together to be made as co-heirs together in the grace of this life. 

Prayer Received 10/22 by Randy Chandler

Deborah and John

Lord, we thank you for the comfort and blessing God for your support that is to Deborah.

For supporting her, for carrying for her, for holding her up, for adding to her, for multiplying her, increasing her God, in Jesus Name. We thank you for addition & multiplication. 

Sometimes we can get tried and tested. Do we serve God cause everything is perfect and good. No, we serve God because He’s called us to. Sometimes, the biggest challenge we have being tested. The biggest test is ‘the calling –the calling.’ Are we going to obey God in our calling no-matter-what? Are we doing it unto the Lord or are we doing it unto…whatever. God loves that, that heart of yours, because you do that unto Him, and that’s why you find testing and trying of you in things. 

He wants to bless you, He wants you to do what-so-ever, what-so-ever I ask you to do and do things in a way that no matter what, no-matter-what realm. I will serve God no-matter-what. Whether, people are for me, or people are against me. I serve God no-matter-what. That’s your heart Deborah, and that’s what God loves about you! You have the no-matter-what realm. 

Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego had the no-matter-what realm down. No matter what king-were not going to bow to you.

No matter what! …That’s built into you, and God’s going to honor that and bless you for that in Jesus Name, and reward you for that. Hallelujah, amen… 

..and Fresh Anointing, in Jesus Name..Hallelujah. Take dominion- take dominion, take possession of the things of God. What he would have you to take possession of.

In the Name of Jesus, souls for God, property and land that kind of thing. Thank you for John, that same thing. Lord, we thank you for the joining together of hands God drawing together for purpose. Lord Jesus, you begin to open up John to the heavens, the heavens be open – open heaven over him – over them together in Jesus Name. Open heaven, in Jesus Name and bless them with double. I’m asking you to bless them with double, in the Name of Jesus. 

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